Slow death by a million micropayments!!

Just made a list of my “small” monthly or yearly subscriptions to various services – Netflix, Evernote, Dropbox, Spotify, icloud, Google Drive, Amazon Prime, HBO, Tripit, Audible and Wunderlist Pro- when you add this all up, the micropayments do not seem that “micro” any more! Based on this list, I cancelled my Netflix, Audible and HBO subscriptions- far cheaper to buy or rent a book or movie when I feel I need one. I  will be canceling my Evernote subscription when it comes up for renewal. Is it just me or will others wake up and find this, leading to a crumbling of the freemium model as the payments add up. Or is there a place for a service that bundles some of the services and provides a sort of bulk discount?


About Sanjay Prabhu

Pediatric radiologist working at one of the world's largest children's hospitals. I love gadgets, technology and anything with a chip in it!

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  1. Google Drive, Amazon Prime, Evernote and Netflix here. It does add up. I managed to escape icloud with all the contortions through I don’t think I will ever be able to leave Amazon or Google though…they’re just too convenient.

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