Nexus 7 review

Playing with the newly arrived Nexus 7. This is definitely an awesome tablet! Just the right size for reading and gaming. Super search functions using Google’s voice search. Google Now is something that I have not tried out but looks pretty good based on what it came up with regarding my favorite sports teams and local pizza joints. Best of the Google vanilla flavor Jelly bean Android OS and play store combined with the ability to load Amazon Store apps! One has to remember to turn on the capability to add third party apps in order to enable Amazon store apps.
The Kindle book reading is so sweet on the 7 inch interface.
Navigating between screens is indeed buttery smooth as Google promised. Installing apps and widgets was a breeze and most apps that I use on iOS are free anyway (e.g. Dropbox, Facebook, WordPress, Kindle, Sonos, Spotify) and downloading was quick and seamless.
Unlocking with facial recognition and pattern unlocking worked great for me- new to android, so never seen this in action before and was definitely impressed! My nine year-old son was so impressed with this that he wants to swap his iPad 2 for this tablet!

Minor quibbles
1. highlighting on the Kindle app is not as elegant as on
the iOS device
2. No rear facing camera and front facing camera is just acceptable.
3. The Google play store is harder to navigate through than the iOS app store. You should know what you want and then it is easy o search. Using the staff and editor picks sections helped immensely.

Recommendation: If you are in the market for a portable device, this is an awesome tablet worth buying.

Price: And the price of $199 plus tax and postage for the 8 GB model and the $249 plus tax and postage for the 16GB model is a fraction of the cost of an iPad. And remember Google is enticing you with $25 to spend on apps, music and books in the Play store.

Update- After more than 3 months with the Nexus 7, I have some additional comments.
First, I find reading e-books on the small screen more difficult than on the iPad. I gravitate towards the iPad to write emails, but can read through emails on the Nexus 7 just fine.
The Google search and voice search are just awesome.
Google maps works fine as long you are near Wi-fi. My solution- tether the iPad’s LTE connection to the Nexus 7. Some may think that is crazy, but a geek has got to do what it takes… right?
The camera on the Nexus 7 is okay for hangouts but not much else.
The two things that Google must do for the next version are get 4G and LTE on board and get good front and rear facing cameras.
Also, fixing the problems with rotation that require a special app like Ultimate rotation control is also a must.
Just hope that Apple does not beat them to the punch with a smaller iPad with all these additions. Then, Google will have a real challenge on its hands, not that they are cruising along happily right now!


About Sanjay Prabhu

Pediatric radiologist working at one of the world's largest children's hospitals. I love gadgets, technology and anything with a chip in it!

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