Retina display MacBook Pro- it is here!

Hallelujah! The Retina display MacBook Pro is here! I have been holding off on updating my late 2009 MacBook Pro and eagerly awaiting the new updated version of this Apple notebook. And it is finally here! I had written about this in March and had wished that in addition to the high resolution display, this notebook would have dictation built in to the operating system. Looks like someone at Apple was hearing my prayers and the new updated MacBook Pro has both these features.
In addition to this, the ability to cram in 16 GB RAM and high end graphics make it ideal for my advanced image analysis needs. And having used the dictation feature on my IPad for writing emails and short notes, I can see how this would be a good feature for radiologists to dictate reports.
And the ability to AirPlay from the Mac using an apple TV means that creating an audio-visual room set-up in a meeting room will be child’s play. No more fiddly cables, yay! Give me a high resolution LCD screen and an apple TV, and I will be all set. Using screenflow and keynote, I can deliver my talk and make a screencast at the same time!

I will post a detailed review here after playing with this new gadget. I am hoping to get it in my hands by the end of the week, if my IT support team can get its act together!



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