Newsify- a beautiful aggregator of google reader articles

Finally, I found a really good app to help me sift through a number of journals on the iPad. The app allows one to navigate easily to the full text and most importantly, save the article in a place like Instapaper or Evernote for later reference.
I think this will appeal to people who love the aesthetics of an app as much as the functionality.
It is called Newsify and is free right now in the app store.
It basically aggregates your google reader (and I am presuming that you know how to subscribe to various journals on google reader) into a beautiful flipboard like interface. One click takes you to the full text, especially if you have access to the full text through an individual or institutional subscription.
Fantastic! I went through a bunch of articles from the AJNR, AJR and Journal of Neurosurgery within half an hour and feel that I have accomplished something.
And yes, it is better than the other RSS readers and aggregators out there.. Take my word for it- I have tried them all, but I am writing only about this one!!

Go to the Newsify developer webpage for a full list of features-


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