The New iPad- is it really a game-changer?

The new iPad is here! After I opened the box, I was worried that it looked just like my iPad 2 and I had been conned by the good folks at Cupertino into buying another device!
After using it over the weekend, I think that I was wrong… The new iPad is truly “resolutionary”!
And here is why- once you start getting used to the beautiful retina display and read books or play games on it, other “high definition screens” start looking pixelated. Text on web pages or in reading apps like ibooks is so crisp and sharply detailed that you will not want to go back to reading on another device like the iPad 2 or the Kindle. Movies and photographs reveal sharp detail and amazing sharpness.
As an illustration, I was on call this weekend and when I looked up from my ipad at my HP monitor with a resolution of 1920 x 1200, I can immediately see the difference in resolution.
Looking at radiology images on the new iPad screen is absolutely amazing! Chest radiographs project well and in the right lighting conditions, I can definitely see one using this to check scans on the go.

And here is why I think this will be a game-changer-
Once you have used the retina display at this size, there is no going back. I cannot wait for the next MacBook Air with the retina display- and believe me, that day is not far off!
I predict that with the increasing sales of the iPad, we will start seeing a demand for devices to have the higher resolution for tablets, laptops, desktops and phones. Manufacturers of Android and Windows tablets like Samsung, Amazon and Acer will have to step up to the plate and provide devices with the retina display to compete in the market.
Television manufacturers now have the challenge of delivering higher resolution on the large screen monitors at a reasonable price, although one could argue that at the distance we watch televisions, the resolution increase may not be appreciable. I cannot wait for the 60 inch television with iPad like resolution! This will also mean that content providers have to provide more 1080p content for tablets and more importantly, the Shylocks of the cable Internet and wireless provider world like Comcast and AT & T have to stop throttling heavy data users and improve their infrastructure and rethink/change their delivery model.

Needless to say, the other features of the iPad pale in comparison to the retina display, but are worth mentioning. The ability to dictate emails (sort of Siri lite), better rendering of the graphics within games and the battery life that is as good as ever even when you use LTE are note worthy features.
I only wish Apple could make the bezel transparent- that will make walking around with your iPad and looking around you with the 5 megapixel camera making videos a more immersive experience.

So- bottom line- I give the new iPad a thumbs up and cannot wait for everything that I look at to come in a retina display flavor!!



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