iPad 3 and PACS- marriage made in heaven?

Apple’s new iPad 3 will have a retina display, or at least something approaching the retina display currently a feature on the iPhone 4S. This will increase the resolution of the  display very close to that of a 3 megapixel monitor. I hope that PACS vendors (particularly the mainstream companies like Fuji, Agfa, GE Centricity and McKesson) will be ready with optimized apps for this form factor that makes use of the high resolution display and touch screen navigation. I have been using Fuji’s iPad version of the Synapse software and it is pretty fast and enables viewing of CT and MRI images fairly well on a wireless connection. On AT & T’s 3G connection, it is atrociously slow.

A higher resolution display and higher luminance will make the iPad 3 a compelling buy for radiology departments, particularly for evaluation of gross pathology when the radiologist is outside the hospital. If the iPad 3 (or its successor) has 4G and a thunderbolt connection enabling coupling to a larger display, then it will be a game changer in the field of tele-radiology.

PACS vendors should see the writing on the wall and plan for the future now and the first ones to get a good, seamlessly functioning app to the iPad party will garner a large chunk of the market.


About Sanjay Prabhu

Pediatric radiologist working at one of the world's largest children's hospitals. I love gadgets, technology and anything with a chip in it!

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