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Reading and storing journal articles on the iPad

There is an awesome review of the apps on the iPad to organize your PDF files your iPad.

In these reviews, iMedicalApps looks at PDF management apps that allow iPad users to annotate, organize and access their documents. The two-part review breaks down the pros and cons of using GoodReader, PDF Expert, PDF Reader Pro, Sente, Papers, iAnnotate, & Dropbox. Although this review found that PDF Expert was the best overall application for annotation and organization, the reviewers also point out that Sente and Papers allow users to manage especially large PDF libraries and easily search for documents. These reviews are essential reads for iPad users–particularly those who use their iPads to store journal articles for research.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I personally use Goodreader and papers in tandem with dropbox as my master storage and way to make sure I have my articles on every iOS device and computer I use.


Ibooks author

Apple announced the new “ibook author” for the Mac last week. I am excited as a radiologist educator. Think of all the possibilities- scrollable CT and MRI that one can interact with and 3D models that can be manipulated! I would like to publishers take this on board and stop trying to convert existing textbooks into pdfs and calling them “e-books”.
This changes things in a big way and I am for one, all for it. Way to go, Apple!!

See the announcement keynote here