Microsoft signature edition

I was at a Microsoft focus group event today, arranged by the company in association with Paul Thurrott, author of a number of excellent books like Windows 7 secrets and Windows Phone 7 Secrets, the commentator on the Windows Weekly podcast on the Twit network and the creator of the very informative website Winsupersite for windows.

At this event, Microsoft demonstrated its signature series PC.  As per Dave, the Microsoft representative at this this event, consumers who buy a PC directly from Microsoft from their online store or the physical real-life Microsoft stores will get the “Microsoft signature series edition” on their machine. These computers are equipped with Windows 7, and just like a Mac bought from the Apple store, these will have all the Microsoft software that you will need pre-installed or will be available for automatic download or update after purchase, so you can just plug and play.

Microsoft’s programs like Internet Explorer 8, Windows Media Center, Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft Silverlight , Adobe Flash for IE 8, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Virtual Earth 3D, Zune 4.0, Live ID login wizard, Windows Live Essentials, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Writer, Microsoft Office Live Add-in Toolbar with Windows Live Sync, Windows Live Movie Maker, and  Windows Live will be pre-installed on the machine. You can also get Microsoft Office and other programs pre-installed for you so you do not have to. Your computer will be ready to  use right out of the box! This is a boon to those among us who support their colleagues and friends to “set-up” a new PC!

These PCs will be priced competitively compared to the retailer’s prices so you do not pay a premium for the “Microsoft experience”.

This approach is similar to Google selling its Google Nexus loaded with the latest version of Android without the cell phone manufacturers’ “crapware” installed on the machine.  Based on my experience comparing the two machine configurations side-by-side, the Signature edition  PC will improve our perception of windows PCs in general. If any one is planning to buy a computer in the next few months, I would encourage you to explore the option of buying directly from Microsoft. I can assure you that the experience on this PC will be vastly better than the PC one buys from manufacturers like HP or retailers like Bestbuy.

Microsoft promises to take care of all the problems that arise, both hardware and software, within the first 90 days, on these machines- no questions asked. And one should have the choice of various hardware configurations at this store.

I must admit- even as a critic of Microsoft and an Apple enthusiast, the signature series PC is a refreshing development!


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