Monthly Archives: December 2010

New apps and hardware for the holidays

Some real nice ipad applications and devices for the holiday season, couple are new and others are older ones that have received awesome updates

Flipboard for ipad– Google reader support and beautiful rendering of content from magazines and newspapers (free)

Pogoplug– sort of like dropbox, but for your hard drives at home- you can store up 4 TB data at home on your hard drives, which connect to this device through USB – then you access the data from anywhere (129 dollars for hardware and no monthly charges)

Tango– facetime for iphone 4 or iPod touch over 3G (free)
Word lens– translates Spanish to English and vice versa when you point your camera at some text (like a sign or book or menu)- $4.99
Pulse– news reader app for the ipad

Kindle 3– newly updated with native pdf support, better navigation, faster page turn and excellent contrast resolution