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Macbook air review update

According to most reviewers, the MacBook air base model is rather slow for multiple tasks. I bought the top of the line upgrade with 4 GB RAM and this has been excellent in my experience- I have used this as my main laptop last two days and done journal article reviews, surfed like crazy and written an article without any dithering. BTW, I have had no screen issues, and I have been using Chrome as my browser almost exclusively.
Multiple applications and a Netflix movie- all running without problems.
Tried iMovie editing, but slightly limited by screen size, but not necessarily by lack of horsepower.


Macbook air review

Having spent time with the new Macbook air, this is my opinion-

If you are a current Apple user, who hates carrying a bulky Macbook pro to every conference or trip, then the Macbook Air is definitely for you. It has to be your second laptop, as it offers most of the functionality of the Macbook pro, but most importantly, not the same power. The advantage is obviously, the reduced weight and more friendly size.

If your use of the Macbook is for email, surfing and iphoto, you should be fine with the Macbook Air. But if you do heavy video editing and you want to do this on the road, you cannot rely on this as your only laptop. Also, it is important to remember that the lowest end model will not suffice for most people who carry this on a trip or conference. You’ll want to upgrade and that will cost you- and it will cost you a lot. Getting the 256 GB hard drive and 4 GB RAM particularly, if like me, you want to run parallels to run Windows will set you back $1699 (without the educational discount for the academics amongst us).

Another thing to remember is that this is not a netbook- its cost and its capabilities are different from a netbook.
Also, if you’re shopping for a standard notebook, don’t buy this. Get a Macbook Pro or better still, a Windows 7 computer- you will get a lot more for your money.
However, everyone is different and if you have the cash and the urge to buy a very slim MacBook and wow the people around you, then go for it!
For others who need a full-fledged laptop, I would look elsewhere.