Get Windows 7 at a discounted price of less than 30 bucks-legally!

Microsoft announced last week that students can pre-order their copy of Windows 7 in the US beginning September 17th and download the OS beginning on October 22nd (general availability). For US students, you need to either have a .edu e-mail address or be attending one of the 158 schools Microsoft lists. Students in the United Kingdom can pre-order beginning on September 30th for download on October 22nd and will pay only 30 pounds for Windows 7.

Students in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Korea, and Mexico will be able to avail of this offer on October 22nd. In most markets, the offer ends on January 3rd (except for Australia, where the offer is open until March 31st).

Note that the offer is for pre-order only and requires that you register for a copy of Windows 7 that will then be downloadable on October 22nd. I tried this out for pre-order and can confirm that it is a genuine offer.

You can preorder the new operating system now- for the US-click here and for the UK-click here
Note that you should have a genuine copy of Windows XP or Vista for this download to work. Microsoft has not specified whether you need the actual CD with the previous operating system or just have the old operating system on your hard drive- but all indications are that you just need it on your hard drive and not on the original CD.

For those who haven’t tried out Windows 7- let me tell you this- it is the best operating system from Microsoft that I have tried in the last 10 years. That is high praise coming from someone who swears by Apple products and uses Windows only because my hospital requires me to.
Windows 7 feels like a breath of fresh air after the disaster that was Vista!


About Sanjay Prabhu

Pediatric radiologist working at one of the world's largest children's hospitals. I love gadgets, technology and anything with a chip in it!

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    • Thanks for your interest. I am glad it was of benefit to you. Keep reading for more tips and software news.

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